Helping Contractors and Property Owners Find Mutual Satisfaction and Success

Are you in the middle of a maddening construction dispute, whether you are the contractor or the property owner? Are you contemplating a project but feel overwhelmed by all the choices to be made and by all the horror stories from the world of construction?
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The Guides for Successful Construction Projects

These two Guides for Successful Construction Projects are quick, yet rich, time-tested tips and standards for beginning and maintaining any construction project in a positive and mutually successful manner.

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Conscious Cooperation: How to Create Successful Construction Projects

We know how contentious construction often is. Yet beyond the matter of conflict, everyone involved in a project can actually experience satisfaction, enjoyment and even fun.

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"Stuart Baker's book is destined to become THE go-to guide for homeowners and builders who want construction projects to be pain-free. Written in an easygoing parlance, it feels like Baker is right there with you, offering practical tips and sharing insightful stories perfect for your own renovation or new construction..."

- Tammy Lenski